Frequently asked questions

We are a young dynamic company from Austria, which has made it our mission to revolutionize and digitize the world of music, marching and the organization of march bands and orchestras with a secure, sustainable overall system.

MARSCHPAT web app via any browser: Grades management – ​​grades displayed on all end devices

The musicsheets can be viewed online in the browser via our web app on all devices (smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC). An internet connection is required for this.

MARSCHPAT app for e-ink readers (e-reader from Pocketbook)Especially for marching and making music outdoors.

Want to use your sheet music for marching, outdoors, and offline? Then you need our digital marching/music book with our pre-installed MARSCHPAT app. Our MARSCHPAT app is linked to our web app.

These devices are supported:
PocketBook Touch HD 3 (6 inch)
PocketBook Era (7 inch)
PocketBook LUX 4 and 5 (6 inch)
PocketBook InkPad 3 (7.8 inch)
PocketBook InkPad 3 Pro (7.8 inch)
PocketBook InkPad 4 (7.8 inch)
PocketBook InkPad X (10.3 inch)

MARSCHPAT mobile app for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)Especially for practicing and making music indoors or for concert performances.

Simply download the app from the respective store (Apple Store or Google Store) and try out the functions. The functions are identical to the web app, but with the added value that the grades are also available offline in the mobile app (if you activate it in the settings).

Please note that we have developed instrument holders for the 6, 7 and 7.8 inch PocketBook models only. There is no mount for Inkpad X (10.3).

You should take a look at the extensive software features on the respective article page on our website, as they cannot be described in a simple FAQ sheet. We have linked everything again here:


  • Music sheet content from publishers & composers
  • Music Sheet Display
  • Music Sheet Management
  • Events Management
  • Band Management

Marschpat-App (E-Reader)

  • Music Sheet Display
  • Events including Sheets
  • Changing Bands
  • Change of instruments and voices

As a display device, you should note that e-readers for public appearances offer a significantly higher contrast (almost like paper) in sunlight – while smartphones/tablets are less readable. In addition, some e-readers are splash-proof and there are still many bands that have to deliver in any weather.

YES! In our apps you will find all our sheet music from the publishers in the sheet music pool/sheet music library – of course only after completing a subscription model.

See grade management for more information.

We have cooperations with various publishers & Composers from Austria, Germany and Italy (as of 01_2023). These sheet music can be used digitally by the clubs or musicians via our apps.

No! Sheet music can only be used via our apps (web app, mobile app, e-reader app). However, you can also use the sheet music offline in the mobile app and on the e-reader.

The export of the notes as for example PDF is not possible.

In performance management, rehearsals and performances including the NOTES can be created and managed and made available to all band members. band members can then use the app to accept or decline the individual dates and the conductor can see at a glance who is present at the performance. The appointments can then be easily exported to the calendar.

Benefit from newly composed and rearranged sheet music from our MARSCHPAT sheet music pool. Notes from various publishers and above all from our MARSCHPAT publishing house are integrated here. We work with young composers and arrangers from all over Austria and Germany in order to constantly feed the sheet music pool with new pieces.

The sheet music from our sheet music pool is digitized and optimized for display on all our devices. The individual parts (1st clarinet in Bb, 3rd horn in Eb) are already correctly linked in our software. That means I can easily and quickly switch from 1st tenor horn in Bb to 1st trombone in C in the APP and the correct part is displayed.

Own sheet music (own arrangements, own compositions, etc.) can be uploaded via our web app in a private, protected area, which can be used for personal use for practicing and rehearsals and is only available to the respective person or club.

MARSCHPAT offers complete band management especially for music bands and orchestras. This means that daily band actions can be planned easily and digitally. Band management features include:

  • Member Management
  • Devices, subscriptions, license management
  • Performances, rehearsals and appointment management
  • Prepare sheet music and sheet music playlists for appointments
  • and much more.

Private individuals can upload sheet music in their own area solely for their own use (rehearsals, practice). From a legal point of view, no public performances may be played with the sheet music you uploaded yourself. That’s why we try to offer the required sheet music through our MARSCHPAT pool, also from various external publishers, since public performances are allowed here. Every musician is responsible for complying with this, MARSCHPAT expressly accepts no legal claims here.

It must also be noted that even scanned sheet music is usually of poor quality (poor contrast, scanned crookedly, missing voices, truncated margins, etc.) and therefore cannot be displayed optimally. We can only optimize them “to a limited extent” in our software. A digitization service from MARSCHPAT is not yet available but is being planned.

It is therefore essential to scan notes perfectly and to optimize them yourself in order to be able to display them perfectly.

In the MARSCHPAT sheet music pool, the sheet music is already perfectly digitally processed and can be displayed in the highest quality. Here the notes are optimally rendered for the device surface, since our own development is behind it here too ?

You can find a collection of musicsheets from different genres in our musiclibrary, which is constantly being expanded. Click through and see what there is to discover. Well-known and new marches, polkas, church pieces, hymns, fanfares and chorales as well as modern pieces are already available.

The PocketBook models PocketBook Era, Pocketbook Verse, Inkpad 3 Pro and Inkpad 4 and are splash-proof or protected according to the IPX8 standard. Here is the device overview.

You can test our software free of charge for 7 days (private individuals) or 30 days for bands. Simply register at https://web.marschpat.com/register and subscribe (you can unsubscribe within 30 days via “Settings – Membership” without anything being charged from you.

If testing is not enough for you and you have already read all the answers here, we still offer free webinars for bands to answer your questions and explain the software. Simply contact support@marschpat.at with your request.

You can request a free e-reader test device with the MARSCHPAT app at https://marschpat.at/vereinstestphase/.. You can simply try out all the functions of MARSCHPAT for 30 days and then decide. The test device + march fork will then be sent to the specified address.

Then register at https://web.marschpat.com/register to create your test account. You need this to manage sheets, link your e-reader and synchronize sheets on it.

Caution: You must return the test device within the test month, otherwise you will have to pay the purchase price. We will cover the costs for you during the test period, including the use of the software, with the exception of returning the test device.

You can of course cancel your subscription at any time if our services are not right for you. Please note that the money charged cannot be refunded. You can reactivate your account within one month. During this period, you have time to save your self-uploaded sheets. After the one-month period has expired, all your data will be automatically and irrevocably deleted from our servers.

As with any other device, you can contact the manufacturer and claim the guarantee via your invoice. We will help you with the processing with the device manufacturer. Manufacturer’s guarantee is 2 years Devices purchased from Thomann even have a 3-year guarantee.

Procedure for repair: Please fill out the form and then click on pickup.
The device will then be picked up from you and you will usually receive a response within 3 days. The device will then be sent back to you.

You can reactivate your account within one month. During this period, you have time to save your self-uploaded data. The data via the MARSCHPAT pool will then no longer be available and will be deactivated. After the one-month period has expired, all your data will be automatically and irrevocably deleted from our servers.