German publisher as a cooperation partner

We are delighted to announce that we can welcome the first German publisher as a cooperation partner. ?

Musikverlag Johann Gross (Hebu-Musikverlag) is now part of Marschpat and provides us with the well-known march “Mir sein die Kaiserjager”. Will be available for you in our web app soon! HeBu Musikverlag GmbH

In addition, we have already digitized the first Kliment sheets and you can now add them to your marching books. Musikverlag Johann Kliment

• 92er Regimentsmarsch
• Alt Starhemberg Marsch
• Erzherzog Karl Marsch
• O du mein Österreich
• Prinz Eugen Marsch
• Radetzkymarsch

Available Soon:
• Erzherzog Johann Jodler Marsch
• Geschriebenstein-Fanfare
• Musik ist mein Leben
• Schönes Wien
• Schönfeld Marsch
• Wagramer Grenadiermarsch
• Wiener Defiliermarsch

Also, a lot of new pieces from the music publisher Tatzer will soon be integrated into our system? Soon there will also be an update on the pieces here! ??

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