Big player Kliment Verlag joins Marschpat!

“The new year starts with great news! Since our publishing company was founded, we have seen ourselves as the basic supplier of sheet music for our music bands. Therefore we dare to take the step and are happy to work with MARSCHPAT.

When the young start-up approached us a good year ago, it was clear to us: the thing has been well thought out! There is also a lot of musical and practice-oriented know-how behind the ambitious team. They guarantee simple and legally correct digital access to our range of musicsheets. We are convinced that in such difficult times it is all the more important to make music as easily accessible as possible. With this in mind, we look forward to a great cooperation and to the fact that Kliment marches will continue to be represented in large numbers in the marching books (digital as well as analog) of our music bands! ”, Peter Hoffmayer Managing Director Johann Kliment AG

Dear customers, the contract has finally been signed and we are pleased to announce that we will soon be able to make march music from Kliment Verlag digitally available in our web app. We have already received some of the music and are trying to prepare them as quickly as possible and upload them to our web app.

We look forward to working with Kliment Verlag and also to a digital future for marching sheet music!

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