Marschpat: Altrichter and startup300 join the Lower Austria march music startup

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Michael Altrichter, Markus Tröscher and startup300 invest an unspecified amount in the Wiener Neustadt startup Maschpat, which offers a digital marching book and other software solutions for march bands.

The history of the Wiener Neustadt startup Marschpat began in 2017 when the later founders Patrick Rupprecht, Carina Eigner and Markus Wenzl were studying at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. Even before it was formally founded in August 2019, it won a special prize at the riz up Genius 2019, among other things. The jury could be won over with the core product, a “digital marching book” for march bands – CEO Rupprecht is Kapellmeister himself.

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This is what the “digital marching book” by Marschpat can do

The “digital marching book” is a complete system for digital sheet music that was specially developed for march music. Sheets on digital display devices can be attached directly to the instrument with specially designed instrument holders. The page is turned automatically, when a title is selected it is synchronized on all devices – of course, differentiated according to instrument type and voice. Numerous tracks can be digitally taken along while marching.

Web app and hardware shop recently launched

In the meantime, Marschpat has expanded the product portfolio. Just a few days ago, on June 15, a web app was launched that is supposed to support march music associations with their administration, specifically with gigs and trainings management, inventory and archive management, as well as synchronizing appointments among club members. In the next expansion stage, it should also be possible to plan gigs. Also since June 15, the company has also been selling suitable hardware for the digital march book via its own online shop.

Altrichter, Tröscher and startup300 join Marschpat

So far, Marschpat was completely owned by the founder, but that is now changing, as announced yesterday via Facebook. The Business Angel and startup representative at the Ministry of Economic Michael Altrichter, joins the startup with an unspecified amount, together with the music business expert Markus Tröscher (formerly Warner Bros Music Business Developer) and startup300 (Pioneers Ventures). The contact came during a startup live pitch, after which remained in constant contact, says Marschpat in a Facebook thread.

“Oops I did it again”: Michael Altrichter also plays the saxophone himself

“Oops I did it again!” Comments Altrichter on Facebook. “With 5 million march musicians in the DACH region alone, military bands in the UK, marching bands in the USA, Latin America, Arabia and Asia, the digital sheet music market is global. Please take paper march books to the music museum, ”the government commissioner continued. People at Marschpat are happy: “Markus Tröscher will be a mentor, he will contribute his years of experience in the field of digital music and rights management. startup300 ensures a 360-degree feel-good zone. Michael Altrichter himself plays the piano and saxophone and therefore also brings musical know-how with him ”.


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