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Light marching pack for marching bands

Patrick Rupprecht, Carina Eigner and Markus Wenzl, MARSCHPAT GmbH

Three young people are putting march music on a new level with an overall digital system for sheet music.

MARSCHPAT is active in the field of trade and services and was founded in August 2019. We are a young start-up from Lower Austria consisting of three people in the team – Patrick Rupprecht, Carina Eigner and Markus Wenzl – that has set itself the task of improving and revolutionizing march music with new technology and digitization. MARSCHPAT has developed a digital marching book for this purpose and wants to solve the problem of heavy paper marching books and the tedious administration of paper notes.

Our vision: to revolutionize and digitize the world of music, marching and the organization of march bands with a secure overall system. “

We have an overall digital system that provides digital sheet music directly from the publishers in sheet music management software and also uses innovative display devices and newly designed marching holders in order to be able to make music and march directly digitally. Our slogan is therefore to become the “Spotify of march music”.

One of the biggest challenges was to find a good programmer or even a programmer who could be enthusiastic about the idea. Fortunately, we managed to do that in March. Another big challenge for a small young start-up was to find a suitable hardware partner who is open to new ideas and who gives a young team a change and also convinces the publishers.

Our greatest successes were to get one of the largest Austrian publishers on board and to have a hardware partner. The next big steps are the integration of all major Austrian and German publishers for march music, the equipping of the first bands with our system and the sustainable establishment on the market for march music. We want to get involved with march musicians and march music associations and make marching easier for them.


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