Marschpat brings digitalization to march bands


The one-person young entrepreneur Patrick Rupprecht from Aigen, Baden district, created the digital marching book Marschpat with his company RPG-Engineering e.U.

As he announced to the Lower Austrian Economic Press Service, digitization is also moving into march bands. More tracks can be stored on the MARSCHPAT, and it is also lighter than conventional music sheet holders on the musical instrument.

Product still under development

The invention is the result of a close collaboration with Österreichischen Blasmusikverband and Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt. The Marschpat should not only be used in march bands, but also in music schools and in private use. Extensions and variants for other types of orchestras and bands have already been considered.

With his company, Rupprecht has specialized in 3D printing, digitization and development in musical instrument construction and engineering. Together with the development partners of Marschpat, this product is to be outsourced to a GmbH. Partners in addition to the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt are the technology and innovation partners TIP and the research company of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener NeustadtFOTEC.

Already award-winning

tecnet | accent Innovation Award 2018 was awarded to Patrick Rupprecht, Alexander Strommer (both graduates of the Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Applied Management) and Carina Eigner (student of Master’s Business Consulting & Management) with the excellent third place.

10,000 music sheets always with you

“As I play the clarinet myself and am the conductor of Sankt Veit an der Triesting march band, I was always confronted with the problem of carrying sheet music. I finally found the solution I was looking for with the development of the Marschpat ”, says Rupprecht. With this solution, up to 10,000 music sheets can be stored. The conventional method with paper only allows up to 60. In addition, the Marschpat is rainproof, significantly lighter and illuminated.

A display device (developed in-house) is used, onto which the software developed by Rupprecht is uploaded. The respective band can also manage their digitized sheet music with digital management software. Since the test phase has already been successfully completed and has sparked enthusiasm among the musicians, MARSCHPAT is currently looking for companies that can produce the digital display device.

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